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ThirumuRai Series - 681

681. எனதுரை தனதுரையாக
திருஞானசம்பந்தர் அருளிய திருக்கடைக்காப்பு
தலம் திருஇலம்பையங்கோட்டூர்
பண் குறிஞ்சி
1-ஆம் திருமுறை


மனமுலாம் அடியவர்க்கு அருள் புரிகின்ற
வகையலாற் பலி திரிந்து உண்பிலான் மற்றோர்
தனமிலான் எனதுரை தனதுரையாகத்
தாழ்சடை இளமதி தாங்கிய தலைவன்
புனமெலாம் அருவிகள் இருவிசேர் முத்தம்
பொன்னொடு மணி கொழித்து ஈண்டி வந்தெங்கும்
இனமெலாம் அடைகரை இலம்பையங்கோட்டூர்
இருக்கையாப் பேணி என் எழில் கொள்வது இயல்பே


thirunyAnacambandhar aruLiya thirukkaDaikkAppu
thalam thiru ilambayaNkOTTUr
paN kuRinchi
1st thirumuRai


manamulAm aDiyavarkku aruL purikinRa
vakaiyalAl pali thirin^thu uNbilAn maRROr
dhanamilAn enathurai thanathuraiyAgath
thAzcaDai iLamamathi thAN^giya thalaivan
punamelAm aruvikaL iruvicEr muththam
ponnoDu maNi koziththu INDi van^theN^gum
inamelAm aDaikarai ilambaiyaN^kOTTUr
irukkaiyAp pENi en ezil koLvathu iyalbE


But for showering grace to the devotees on whose mindHe wanders, (though) roams around for alms and does not eat!He has no other wealth! One Who has my words as His words!The Chief Who holds young crescent on the low lying twined hair!Cherishing the seat as ilambayankoTTUr, which is the bank whereon the fields the waterfalls bring richly the pearls, gold and gems that are at the feet of the millet (thinai), is it (His) character tocapture my charm?!

1. cambandhar in this song defines the act of God.All that the God is doing is giving Bliss to those devoted.Apart from that, even when It wanders in play taking almsor accepting anything for that matter, It has absolutely no use of the things. Because other than Itself, It needs nothingas wealth to enjoy!! This underscores the very important characters of God a. Being Perfect - needing nothing external b. Being Fully Merciful - Always, with not even a slightest exception, showering grace. Only the God Who is perfect and is not dependent on anything external can provide Bliss. Also only when It is full of grace ever, the continuity of Bliss is assuredfor the soul. Hail that Lord shiva, the Perfect, Who has absolutely no use of us, but ever feeding the grace!!
2. "enathurai thanathuraiyAka" is a very important statementfrom this thirumuRai. God is in everything - in all of us. However only those who are tuned with love and austerity could get to listen to voice of God. There are those instances where the messageof God is listened, stored/processed and told out. In the next level, whatever listened is repeated out as it is. Howeverthe shanti pATa in Chandoga upanishad talks of even higher level.
"ApyAyantu mamANgAni vAk prANaH chakshush shrotramato
balamindriyANi cha sarvANi sarvam brahmopaniShadaM"
Here the instruments of speech, sight etc are not at the controlof the individual. They are directly operating under the commandof the Supreme brahman. At this point the words coming outof the instrument of the individual are directly linked with God.That becomes, "my words becoming His words".
(So what is the individual doing at this point? The upaniShad also clarifies that:
"mAaham brahma nirAkuryAm mA mA brahma nirAkarot anirAkaraNamastvanirAkaraNam mE astu"
The individual is embracing God and God holding tight the individual, making the job of the individual to enjoy the Bliss!!)
3. pali - alms; punam - field; iruvi - foot of millet plant.


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